English, Drama & Film Studies Virtual Summer School

Tuesday June 2nd, 1pm-2pm (Irish Standard Time)

Do you love reading? Do you want to find out more about TV and film culture? Do you want to understand what we can learn from the Tiger King? Studying English, Drama and Film will give you the tools to better understand how all the things we think of as entertainment actually create the world in which we live. Register for the Summer School to find out more.

Virtual Summer School Format

We are delighted to invite you to an exciting online programme of taster classes. Register below for our online Zoom Webinar, where you can meet your future lecturers and speak with current students.

Who can register?

The first ever Virtual Summer School is for any student interested in studying at UCD. Students, parents, guidance counsellors and International Students are all welcome to attend.

How will I access the Virtual Summer School Webinar?

Simply click the webinar link that you will be sent before the webinar starts. For the best viewing experience we recommend you use a PC/Laptop.

Time Activity
1.00pm The Tiger King: What are we watching? – Dr Jorie Lagerway
In the best of times, there is so much media content, from TikTok to YouTube, TV, and cinema, that it can be really difficult to find common ground. What shows, memes, films, and apps are worth studying in Film and Media Studies if there doesn’t seem to be a shared set of references? Well, in the worst of times, it seems we’ve all come together around The Tiger King. In this short talk, I’ll introduce you to some of the ways you might study Film and Media at UCD by asking questions like how do we watch, why do we watch, and what on earth does Tiger King tell us about the world in which it takes place.
1.30pm Q & A

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If you have any queries in relation to booking a Virtual Summer School please submit your query here. Thank you.

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