Film & Drama Studies Virtual Summer School

Tuesday June 8th, 1pm-2pm (Irish Standard Time)

Bingeing TV Through a Pandemic
Throughout the 2020-21 lockdowns. one thing many of us had in common was television: lots and lots of television! In the first half of the session we will talk about some of the TV–news, surprise hits, classics–that got us through the pandemic and discuss what the TV we binge tells us about ourselves, our culture, and even the TV industry.

Theatre from a Distance
Theatre is all about its audience. Without an audience, there is no theatre. In the second half of this class, we will look at how the months of lockdown prompted artists, performers, and spectators of all kinds to rethink what it means to gather together? In this session, we will explore how live performance has survived, changed and even thrived during lockdown, and how the buzz of a live event has been recreated using technology, imagination, and empty space.

Virtual Summer School Format

We are delighted to invite you to an exciting online programme of taster classes. Register below for our online Zoom Webinar, where you can meet your future lecturers and speak with current students.

Who can register?

The Virtual Summer School is for any student interested in studying at UCD. Students, parents, guidance counsellors and International Students are all welcome to attend.

How will I access the Virtual Summer School Webinar?

Simply click the webinar link that you will be sent before the webinar starts. For the best viewing experience we recommend you use a PC/Laptop.

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