Seize the opportunity to experience university life with UCD’s Summer School for secondary school students entering 6th Year or (Year 13 A-Level) in September 2022.


Politics & International Relations, Geography & Philosophy Summer School

Thursday June 9th, 9.30pm-3.45pm (Irish Standard Time)

For students interested in studying Politics & International Relations, Geography or Philosophy at UCD.

What happens on the day?

In studying politics and international relations, we try to understand what happens, to figure out what should happen, and to determine how this might be realised. The session on Politics and International Relations will explore some of the areas that you can study in UCD. These range from political theory, elections and parliaments to globalisation, development, conflict, and international relations, to mention but some. The session will also highlight the skills that you will develop during your studies and the sorts of options that are open to students who graduate with a politics degree.

Geography is fundamental for understanding the world and is increasingly being used in virtually every field of human endeavour, providing a universal language for understanding, communicating ideas, and providing insights. It’s at the heart of solving global issues such as climate change, inequality, urbanisation, and natural hazards. Geography asks the big questions and gives you the perspective to answer them with advanced technology and a solid knowledge of the world in which we all live. Students will have the opportunity to use and explore some of these technologies first-hand by touring and thinking about key locations for human research and learning how to tell stories about those places through text, photography, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Many of you have already ‘done’ philosophy without knowing it! How do you know when (if ever) it is acceptable to lie? How do you decide whether something (or someone) is beautiful? Why do we have the system of government that we do? Are there other, better ways to govern? What are they and how do we judge them? What does it mean to be a human being? We offer you the tools to hone your thinking about big questions like these, from the nature of goodness to authenticity, from the nature of justice to an understanding of personal identity. In our interactive session, we share our passion for philosophical thinking and give you the opportunity to think through some of these themes yourselves.

Who can register?

The Summer School is for students who are going into 6th year or Year 13 (A Level) in September 2022.

What does it cost?

The UCD Politics & International Relations, Geography & Philosophy Summer School costs €35 and includes a sandwich lunch and tea/coffee. A reduced rate of €15 is available for applicants whose families are in receipt of job-seekers or disability payments. If you wish to avail of this discount rate please email susan.mcalinden@ucd.ie for a discount code before booking your course.


Enquiries in relation to the UCD Politics & International Relations, Geography & Philosophy Summer School Summer School can be made to Emma Donovan at emma.donovan@ucd.ie.

Where will the UCD Politics & International Relations, Geography & Philosophy Summer School take place?

The UCD Politics & International Relations, Geography & Philosophy Summer School will take place in the UCD Newman building. The building is number 41 on the UCD Map

Time Activity
9:15 Registration
9.45 Introduction and Overview of UCD Social Sciences subjects
10.00 Politics & International Relations
11.30 Break
11.45 Geography
13.15 Lunch and Campus Tours
14.00 Philosophy
15.30 Career Opportunities
16.00 Feedback and Final questions

Have a Question?

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