Science Virtual Summer School

Wednesday June 3rd, 11.45am (Irish Standard Time)

For students interested in Science, Sustainability or Actuarial & Financial Studies, this will include a mix of live and pre-recorded events.

This event is now booked out. However, an additional live webinar will be arranged for any students interested in Science DN200, Computer Science DN201, Actuarial & Financial Studies DN230 and Sustainability DN240 the week of June 11. This session is aimed at students applying via the CAO and interested students can email Dr Orla Donoghue at to reserve a place.

Virtual Summer School Format

As we are unable to invite you to campus for this years Summer School, we have decided to run all activities online. We will be presenting a reduced program via the Zoom webinar platform. Links to pre-recorded YouTube videos will be forward to you by email and posted here prior to the live Q&A session.

Who can register?

The Virtual Summer School is for students who are interested in studying at UCD with an intended start date of September 2020 or 2021. Students, parents, guidance counsellors and International Students are welcome to attend.

How will I access the Virtual Summer School Webinar?

Once registered you will receive an email on Friday 29 May containing your webinar invitation link. Just click this link prior to the below start time to view. For the best viewing experience we recommend you use a PC/Laptop.

Enquiries in relation to the UCD Science Virtual Summer School can be made to Orla Donoghue at

Time Activity
11.00-11.40 am A live online lecture on CRISPR gene editing technology with Dr Rainer Melzer from the UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science.
Zoom webinar link will be emailed to all registered students on Friday 29 May 2020.
11.40-12.15 pm Live Q&A talk on Zoom about the UCD Science DN200 course with Associate Dean Tara McMorrow. This is a follow on to the recorded Q&A which will be available on the playlist by Friday 29 May.
Recorded webinar available in advance on Friday 29 May on the playlist here
Video Link Biomolecular and Biomedical Science: A Taster Lecture in Toxicology by Dr Craig Slattery from the UCD School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science.
Video Link Sustainability: What it is and how you can study it at UCD with Professor Tasman Crowe, Director of the UCD Earth Institute
Video Link Chemistry: A talk about the chemistry of rocket fuels by Dr Tony Keene from the UCD School of Chemistry
Video Link Environmental Biology/Zoology/Sustainability: A Career in Marine Biology by Professor Tasman Crowe, Director of the Earth Institute
Video Link Geology, Metals & Green Technology: An introduction by Associate Professor Eoghan Holohan from the UCD School of Earth Sciences
Video Link Astrophysics: An introduction by Dr Antonio Martin-Carrillo from the UCD School of Physics
Video Link Mathematics: An introduction to interpolation with Assistant Professor Andrew Smith from the UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics
Video Link Actuarial & Financial Studies: What is an actuary, why do they exist, and what can they do? with Assistant Professor Colm Fitzgerald, BAFS MA FSAI FIA from the UCD School of Mathematics & Statistics

Support Issues

If you have any queries in relation to booking a Virtual Summer School please submit your query here. Thank you.

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