Please Note: No Refunds will be given. You may transfer your place to another student.

Rules – Activities

  • Students will be supervised by UCD staff for the duration of the Summer School from 9.00am to 5:00pm. Supervision is not available outside of these hours.
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • All students understand that they may be photographed during the Summer School which may be used for promotional purposes by UCD. Students who do not wish to be photographed need to indicate this to the UCD staff.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the campus during the day and must remain with their student leader at all times and this includes during lunch.
  • Students are not permitted to visit the Halls of Residence or campus bars.
  • Students must follow the directions of UCD Office staff, academics, technical staff and UCD Student Leaders at all times.

Failure to follow the rules and directions of UCD Staff and UCD Student Leaders will result in immediate expulsion from the summer school.

Booking Process:

If you are unsure how to book a Summer School course, please download and follow our booking process document here.

Please Note:

No Refunds Given. You may transfer your booking to a friend on or before your chosen course date.

Technical Issues:

If you cannot proceed to checkout and get the following message “To proceed with your booking, you must enter the required information associated with the items in your basket”, please edit each Summer School booking form and fill in all fields. There seems to be an issue with some browsers picking up fields as required when they are not. This should sort the issue and allow you to proceed to checkout.

Have a Question?

If you have any queries in relation to booking a UCD Summer School please submit your query here. Thank you.

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