Medicine Virtual Summer School

Tuesday June 8th, 11am-12pm (Irish Standard Time)

Have you always wanted to become doctor? Maybe you are more interested in medical research? Our you could have questions about what a career in radiography looks like? Our virtual Summer School will aim to give you a taste of the courses that we offer here in UCD and to hopefully answer any questions you might have about your area of interest.

Virtual Summer School Format

As we are unable to invite you to campus for this years Summer School, we have decided to run all activities online. We will be presenting a reduced program via YouTube and Instagram and invite you to register above.

What happens on the day?

Registrants will be given specific links to view our content which will be available for a limited time. Following this we will conduct live sessions on Instagram with some of our current students. Registrants will be given an opportunity to submit questions for the Instagram Live Q&A. Our full schedule can be viewed below

Who can register?

The Virtual Summer School is for students who are interested in studying at UCD with an intended start date of September 2020 or 2021. Students, parents, guidance counsellors and International Students are welcome to attend.

How will I access the Virtual Summer School?

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email. Following this you will receive communication with a link when the content has been released online. Just click this link prior to the below start time to view. For the best viewing experience we recommend you use a PC/Laptop.

Time Activity
11.00-11.20 Instagram Live Sessions: Medicine
11.20-11.40 Instagram Live Sessions: Radiography
11.40-12.00 Instagram Live Sessions: BHLS
Links to YouTube videos (see below) will be available from June 2nd-June 8th. Links will be forward to you by email and posted here prior to the above Instagram live sessions.
Video Link Thinking Like a Medical Student with Dr Peter Holloway
Video Link Obstetrics and Gynaecology with Prof Mary Higgins
Video Link Paediatrics with Prof Sinead Murphy
Video Link Radiography at UCD with Dr Rachel Toomey
Video Link Biomedical Health & Life Sciences an overview with Prof William Watson
At the end of each video you will be prompted to submit questions via our social channels which will be answered on our Live Instagram sessions on June 8th

Support Issues

If you have any queries in relation to booking a Virtual Summer School please submit your query here. Thank you.

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