CLASSICS Virtual Summer School

Wednesday June 3rd, 12pm-1pm (Irish Standard Time)

Studying Greek, Latin and Greek & Roman Civilisation will give you insight into how Classical ideas have shaped European culture. You will learn how to explain and interpret the world around you, evaluate evidence and reach reasoned conclusions, as you develop a greater understanding of the forces that have shaped our society. Register for the Summer School to find out more.

Virtual Summer School Format

We are delighted to invite you to an exciting online programme of taster classes. Register below for our online Zoom Webinar, where you can meet your future lecturers and speak with current students.

Who can register?

The first ever Virtual Summer School is for any student interested in studying at UCD. Students, parents, guidance counsellors and International Students are all welcome to attend.

How will I access the Virtual Summer School Webinar?

Simply click the webinar link that you will be sent in before the webinar starts. For the best viewing experience we recommend you use a PC/Laptop.

Time Activity
12.00pm The Greek Gods: Religion in the Ancient World – Dr Christopher Farrell. Meet your Classics lecturer here
When we think about ancient Greece and Rome one of the first things that often comes to mind are gods, goddesses, and mythology. In this session you will be introduced to aspects of religion in the ancient Mediterranean. We will explore stories that people told about the divine and the functions they believed the gods played in the universe, as well as how, where, and why people sought to interact with their gods, and what this tells us about ancient Greek culture.
12.30pm Q & A

Support Issues

If you have any queries in relation to booking a Virtual Summer School please submit your query here. Thank you.

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