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Seize the opportunity to experience university life with UCD’s Summer School for secondary school students entering 6th Year or (Year 13 A-Level) in September 2024.


English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School

Tuesday June 4th, 9.00am-4.00pm

For students interested in studying English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music at UCD

What happens on the day?

During the UCD English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School, you will attend sample lectures from leading experts connected with the programmes, participate in interactive workshops, take a campus tours while also receiving information on the wide ranging career opportunities available to graduates.

Who can register?

The Summer School is for students who are going into 6th year or Year 13 (A Level) in September 2024.

What does it cost?

The UCD English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School costs €35 and includes a sandwich lunch and tea/coffee. A reduced rate of €15 is available for applicants whose families are in receipt of job-seekers or disability payments. If you wish to avail of this discount rate please email for a discount code before booking your course.


Enquiries in relation to the UCD English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School can be made to Emer Beesley ( )

Where will the UCD English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School take place?

The English, Drama, Film, Creative Writing & Music Summer School will take place in the UCD Newman Building. The building is number 41 on the  UCD Map

Time Activity
9.15am Registration
9.30-10.30am English- Dr Maria Stuart
‘Detecting Fictions’: studying crime fiction.We will explore the popularity of crime fiction today, asking questions as to why so many people read stories based around a crime/mystery, its investigation, and its solution. We will look at some early examples of detective fiction and the idea that these laid down some basic ‘rules’ for this kind of story, rules we can still see in more recent fiction.Key question: why has crime fiction been so popular from the 19th century to the present day? What is the attraction of this genre?
In trying to answer this, we’ll explore issues such as:

  • What is a detective? Who gets to investigate?
  • Is the reader a kind of detective?
  • How important are concepts of truth and justice to these stories? Are these always delivered at the end?
  • What does crime fiction have to say about the societies in which we live?
10.30-11.30am Drama – Dr Pedzisai Maedza

Standing Ovations: Talent doesn’t mean anything if you are a jerk!

In this session we will look at drama as the art of being human. We will examine what studying drama at UCD entails and look at how drama shapes and informs our lives from the everyday to the performance stage.

11.35-11.45pm Short Break
11.45-12.45pm Music – Dr. Wolfgang Marx

Post-Truth, Politics and Music

Studying music consists not just of performing or composing, yet also of assessing the ways in which music reflects developments in society, or how it in turn may influence how people think and act – that is, on thinking and speaking about music.
This talk (which is based on a third-year module) will outline how this can be done with regard to the issue of post-truth, of populist politics and polarisation in society, and how music might be used to try to alleviate these issues.

12.45-1.30pm Lunch at Gather & Gather
1.30-2.30pm Creative Writing – Dr Paula McGrath

An Introduction to Creative Writing
Unlock your imagination and embark on a journey through the art of creative writing. In this session, we’ll explore the power of words, delve into various storytelling techniques and ignite your passion for crafting compelling narratives.

2.30-3.30pm Film Studies – Harvey O’Brien

Animation: It’s not a genre for kids

In this session we will question our biases about animation and examine it as a medium of expression with the capacity to imagine like no other. It takes Guillermo del Toro’s repeated statement during this year’s award season and asks what it means to think about animation as more than a genre.

3.30pm Campus Tour (by Student Ambassadors)
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