Busy office space with people on June 5

Seize the opportunity to experience university life with UCD’s Summer School for secondary school students entering 6th Year or (Year 13 A-Level) in September 2024.


Sociology, Social Justice & Social Policy Summer School

Wednesday June 5th, 9.00am-4.00pm

A Social Science degree is for people who know that they want to work in a people-focused job, but still wish to explore a number of possible career paths.

What happens on the day?

Sociology seeks to explain how people relate to each other, how hidden structures play an important role in everyday life and how society shapes the way individuals behave. It is about why individuals organise themselves into groups such as families, communities, social classes, religions, genders, neighbourhoods or nations. But it is also about how these groups come about, what they mean and how they change over time.  The Summer School will introduce sociology as a subject.

Social Policy (and pathways to Social Work) – This session will provide an overview of the Bachelor of Social Science in Social Policy & Sociology Degree (DN750).  Participants will be introduced to some ‘Key Issues in Social Policy’ reflecting the concepts and issues they would study during this three- year honours degree programme.  We will explore some interesting, related questions. What is social policy? What do young people think are the most pressing challenges facing Irish social policy? What are welfare states? Who gets most from the welfare state? Is child-poverty above average for EU welfare states? Do prisons work?  During the workshop, students will participate in round table debates focusing on current social policy issues as well as taking part in fun quizzes and surveys. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about the Social Work modules on DN750 and about the Professional Master of Social Work programme that many Social Policy graduates undertake.

Social justice draws on a range of academic disciplines to advance understanding of issues such as inequality, discrimination and human rights abuses. Students on the programme acquire the advanced critical thinking, research and analytical skills to engage with the key social issues of the 21st century. Topics studied on the programe include global justice; racism and anti-racism; gender and sexual inequality, human rights and social justice; and environmental justice. At the summer school participants will have an opportunity to take part in a workshop on social justice, giving you a flavour of what it is like to study social justice in UCD. There will be mini lectures, activities and discussions engaging with key themes addressed on the programme as well as information on associated careers and postgraduate opportunities.

Who can register?

The Summer School is for students who are going into 6th year or Year 13 (A Level) in September 2024.

What does it cost?

The UCD Sociology, Social Justice & Social Policy Summer School costs €35 and includes a sandwich lunch and tea/coffee. A reduced rate of €15 is available for applicants whose families are in receipt of job-seekers or disability payments. If you wish to avail of this discount rate please email summerschool@ucd.ie for a discount code before booking your course.


Enquiries in relation to the UCD Sociology, Social Policy & Social Justice Summer School can be made to Emma Donovan (emma.donovan@ucd.ie)

Where will the UCD Sociology, Social Justice & Social Policy Summer School take place?

The Sociology, Social Justice & Social Policy Summer School will take place in the UCD Newman building. The building is number 41 on the  UCD Map

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